The Schindlers Group

Schindlers began in 1994 as an international legal practice in the City of London and has grown into an international financial and professional services group. Today, the Schindlers Group offers clients a range of financial and professional services including fiduciary, trust and company management, legal, accounting, tax and banking services.

With rapid changes in global financial services, Schindlers provides clients with the peace of mind that their affairs are handled professionally by an independent organisation with a proven track record that spans over 20 years.

  • Management & Experience

    The directors and senior management of the Schindlers Group are all highly qualified legal and accounting professionals with many years of relevant experience.

    In 2014, the Schindlers Group celebrated its 20th year as an international trust, corporate and fiduciary services provider.

  • Independence & Continuity

    Schindlers have remained an independent organisation with no institutional ownership or affiliation. This ensures that we are able to provide an impartial service to clients at all times.

    Our core management team has been with the Group for over a decade. We know our clients, understand their affairs, meet their requirements, and add value to their structures, affording them a sense of continuity and stability.

  • Multi-national

    We have global offices in what are generally considered to be the best financial centres. The jurisdictions from which we operate have been specifically chosen for the unique benefits they offer our clients.

    Schindlers pride themselves on being able to provide clients with the optimal solution for their needs from one (or several) of our offices around the world, such as banking in Liechtenstein, benefitting from the Mauritian DTA network, premium financial services in the UK, sound and tax effective trading companies in Hong Kong, or swift and flexible structures in Seychelles.

  • Services & Products Range

    Schindlers offer clients a “full service” when it comes to establishing and running international businesses, funds and trust structures.

    Our Group has developed a range of products which cater for specific assets or investment opportunities. For example, our Schindlers UK property holding structure assists clients in purchasing, renting and maintaining UK investment properties.

  • Reliable & Personal Service

    One of the core values instilled in the Schindlers Group is commitment. We are committed to providing viable solutions and we are committed to delivering a high quality consistent and efficient service for our clients.

    The Schindlers team provides a personal, dedicated service and we aim to form close and lasting relationships with our clients.