Our Chosen Jurisdictions

Please contact the relevant office to learn more about the services provided in jurisdiction of your interest, as the full range of services is not necessarily offered in all jurisdictions.


Justifiably regarded as the financial centre of the world, London is a hub of high quality professional services, which includes legal and tax advice, banking and accounting. Many of the world’s leading fund managers and financial service providers are found in London.


Mauritius has earned a reputation of being a jurisdiction of substance. Mauritius offers an ideal platform for investing into Africa and Asia. It provides a wealth of Double Taxation Treaties, which can be beneficial in cross border company structures. Mauritius offers a well-developed banking system, it is a low tax jurisdiction, it is well regulated and it is an ideal jurisdiction to set up trading operations.


Switzerland is regarded as a highly stable international jurisdiction. Swiss banking is renowned worldwide as being of the highest order. The alpine state offers a high level of professional service and is regarded as one of the finest trust jurisdiction in the world. Switzerland is well regulated and is an ideal jurisdiction to set up holding structures.


Seychelles offers a flexible and swift solution for incorporating International Business Corporations. Seychelles is a confidential and cost effective jurisdiction which has a low tax regime and is ideal for setting up asset holding structures which can form part of a wider investment structure.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is where East meets West and is known as an important financial and trading centre which provides access to Asian markets. Hong Kong has a good reputation for high level professional services. The Hong Kong tax system is sourced based and accordingly is an ideal jurisdiction for establishing and running trading company structures. Hong Kong enjoys support from China which gives it an unparalleled degree of autonomy from the rest of the world.


Although Netherlands, being part of Europe, is regarded as a traditional onshore jurisdiction of substance, it has many Double Taxation Treaties and favourable tax laws, which allow companies in Netherlands to provide considerable benefits when used in international trading and investment structures.


Ireland is an open, modern and well established jurisdiction which has an extensive network of Double Taxation Treaties in force with over 60 countries worldwide. Ireland offers a high level of professional services and is used by many international funds for listing on its stock exchange.