Along with providing individually tailored trust and corporate structures, Schindlers offers a range of structures for specific purposes which include the following:

Group Holding Company structures

Schindlers establishes ultimate group holding structures to consolidate and organise clients’ group companies under one umbrella structure. The holding company can also be further utilised to provide Global Headquarter Services or Global Treasury Activities to the entire group.

UK property holding structures

Schindlers has developed a UK property holding structure which has become the international standard for foreigners holding property in the UK. Our services provided to clients through this structure include: purchasing and maintaining buy-to-let UK.

Online Investment Accounts

Schindlers is able to offer a trust or company structure which can open an online investment account with some of the world’s finest financial institutions. Clients can acquire a portfolio of investments which includes listed securities around the world.

Family Office

Schindlers is able to provide a family office facility which is made up of: dedicated personnel, full service of corporate, trust and personal administration, dedicated telephone lines and IT systems, tax and estate planning, and asset administration. 

Tailor made fund structures

Schindlers provides establishment and ongoing administration services to collective investment schemes, closed end funds, and investment management companies.


Generally, Schindlers provides a wide range of services to its Clients across various jurisdictions. Please contact the relevant office to learn more about the services provided in jurisdiction of your interest, as the full range of services is not necessarily offered in all jurisdictions.

Corporate Services

Schindlers assist clients with a variety of corporate services, which include: incorporation and administration of offshore and onshore companies, funds and collective investment schemes. Other services include: registered office and agent, directorship, company secretary and fund administration.

Trustee Services

Through our trust and financial management operations, Schindlers is able to establish and provide trusteeship and administration services to Offshore Trusts. 

Estate Planning 

Schindlers can assist clients with matters relating to international tax, corporate structuring and estate planning.

Intellectual Property

Schindlers has considerable experience in the field of intellectual property law. We assist clients with the structuring of ownership of intellectual property rights in the most tax effective manner. Our service extends to the preparation of contracts and advising on disputes and litigation involving infringement of patents, copyright, trade secrets and unlawful competition.

Legal Services

Schindlers offers legal services including the negotiation and preparation of international contracts and the management of cross-border disputes and litigation. There has recently been an escalation of compliance regulations by all major institutions and international financial centres and we are fortunate to have the legal expertise to deal with complicated compliance issues.

Accounting Services

Schindlers provides a full range of accounting services including the preparation of financial statements for entities under our management.

Administration, Bookkeeping and Secretarial Services

Schindlers provides a full accounting, bookkeeping and secretarial service.